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Online B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the popularity of Online B.Tech programs in Mechanical Engineering from...

About Online B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the popularity of Online B.Tech programs in Mechanical Engineering from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. These programs provide flexibility and accessibility to students who are unable to attend regular on-campus classes because of a variety of obligations, including employment or family duties. Within the discipline of mechanical engineering, these programs usually cover a broad range of disciplines, such as computer-aided design (CAD), materials science, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, mechanics, and manufacturing processes. With the use of interactive assignments, virtual lectures, and practical projects, students can get the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to succeed in the profession. The schedule flexibility that an Online B.Tech program in mechanical engineering offers is one of its main benefits. With the flexibility to learn at their own speed and from any location with an internet connection, students may easily manage their studies alongside other responsibilities. For working professionals who want to continue their education without having to take a sabbatical from their professions, this flexibility is very helpful. In conclusion, individuals can pursue their academic and professional goals in the field of mechanical engineering with ease and flexibility thanks to online B.Tech programs in the discipline. These programs provide students with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed in the dynamic and diversified profession of mechanical engineering. They also make effective use of technology to provide engaging learning experiences.

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Lingaya's Vidyapeeth
Online B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Key Program of Online B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Online B.Tech programs in Mechanical Engineering can offer students a top-notch education that equips them for lucrative professions in the area by integrating these essential elements into the program design.

Curriculum: An extensive program that covers basic subjects like computer-aided design (CAD), materials science, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, mechanics, and industrial processes. Students should graduate from the program with a solid foundation in mechanical engineering-related theoretical ideas and practical abilities.
Flexibility: Options for flexible scheduling that let students study from any location with an internet connection and at their own speed. This flexibility meets the needs of people who would not be able to attend typical on-campus programs, such as working professionals and people with other responsibilities.
The utilization of a virtual learning environment comprising interactive assignments, simulations, virtual laboratories, virtual lectures, and collaboration tools is known as virtual learning environment. With the use of these resources, students can communicate with peers and teachers as well as engage with the course materials, improving their overall learning experience.
Obtaining accreditation from pertinent accrediting agencies guarantees that the program satisfies predetermined academic criteria and is accepted by businesses and associations of professionals. The quality and legitimacy of accredited programs are demonstrated, increasing the graduates' worth of their degree.

Course Curriculum of Online B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

A customization road to acquire fundamental ideas and useful skills for a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering online program prepares students for a wide range of job options in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and energy industries.

Semester Third
  • Math-III (Numerical Methods)
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Engineering Economics & Industrial Management
  • Manufacturing Process Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
Semester Fourth
  • Applied thermodynamics
  • Strength Of Material
  • Fluid Mechanics & Machine
  • Kinematics of Machine
  • Applied Thermodynamic Lab
  • Strength Of material- Lab
  • Machine Drawing
Semester Fifth
  • Dynamics of Machine
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Heat Transfer
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Design of Machine Elements
  • Dynamics of Machine Lab
  • Manufacturing Technology Lab
  • Heat Transfer Lab
Semester Sixth
  • Instrument & Control
  • Materials Science
  • Machine Design II
  • Instrument & Control Lab
  • Material Science Lab
Semester Seventh
  • Automation In Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Vibrations

Learning Outcomes of Online B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Students will graduate from the curriculum with a solid grasp of mechanical engineering fundamentals and useful problem-solving abilities, prepared to succeed in a variety of industries. By showcasing their skills in collaboration, communication, and moral behavior, they will establish themselves as capable and accountable engineers in the global workforce.

Graduates will exhibit a thorough comprehension of fundamental ideas in materials science, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, mechanics, and other important fields of mechanical engineering.
Learners will acquire robust analytical and problem-solving abilities, empowering them to recognize, evaluate, and resolve intricate engineering issues via the use of suitable techniques and resources.
Graduates will be skilled in developing, testing, and optimizing mechanical systems and components as well as applying theoretical knowledge to practical engineering difficulties.
Through written reports, oral presentations, and technical drawings, students will successfully convey engineering concepts and solutions. They will also cooperate with interdisciplinary teams in an efficient manner.

Eligibility Criteria of Online B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

  • iconStudent who have a Diploma/Polytechnic (or Equivalent Degree-Class 12th with BCA/B.E/B.Sc) from a recognized university can apply.
  • iconThe candidates should also have scored a minimum 50% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination.

Fees Structure of Online B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

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career Opportunities After of Online B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Graduates have chances in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and energy sectors to pursue fulfilling careers as mechanical engineers, design engineers, project managers, or consultants. Their diverse skill set enables people to create, work through challenging issues, and make contributions to the development of society and technology.

IconAutomotive engineer
IconQuality Control Engineer
IconMaintenance engineering
IconManufacturing engineering
IconMechanical Engineer
IconDesign Engineer
IconAutomation Engineer
IconCivil Engineer
IconThermal Engineering
IconElectrical Manager
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