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Online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

An Online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is an advanced degree program that delves deeply into the principles,...

About Online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

An Online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is an advanced degree program that delves deeply into the principles, theories, and applications of mechanical engineering. This two-year program gives students the chance to concentrate in a range of mechanical engineering sub-disciplines, including robotics, mechanics, manufacturing engineering, thermal engineering, and design engineering. Advanced knowledge and abilities in subjects including fluid mechanics, heat transfer, solid mechanics, dynamics, materials science, and control systems are intended to be imparted to students through the curriculum. A manufacturing processes, robotics and automation, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, mechanical design optimization, and advanced thermodynamics are just a few of the subjects covered in courses. Working professionals can enhance their careers while juggling work and other obligations with the help of online M.Tech programs. Graduates of these programs are prepared to explore a variety of employment options in areas like automotive, aerospace, energy, manufacturing, and robotics since they possess the same knowledge and abilities as their on-campus counterparts. The design, development, and optimization of mechanical systems and products are important tasks that they carry out in their jobs as mechanical engineers, design engineers, thermal engineers, manufacturing engineers, research and development engineers, or consultants. The field of mechanical engineering offers many opportunities for innovation and career growth due to the rapid advancements in technology and the growing demand for sustainable solutions. An M.Tech degree gives graduates the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in this exciting and fulfilling field.

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Lingaya's Vidyapeeth
Online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Key Program of Online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

These salient features render online M.Tech programs in Mechanical Engineering a compelling choice for individuals juggling other obligations and working professionals looking to further their education.

Flexibility: Students can access lectures and finish projects at their own pace and convenience with online programs' flexible scheduling options.
In order to promote engagement and interaction between students and teachers, interactive learning involves the use of online platforms and technologies for collaborative projects, virtual labs, and interactive lectures.
High-quality curricula: Advanced mechanical engineering disciplines including thermal sciences, fluid dynamics, solid mechanics, and control systems are covered in online programs that frequently mirror their on-campus counterparts.
The focus is on acquiring knowledge and abilities that are pertinent to the demands of the industry, such as using industry-standard software tools and gaining practical experience through virtual laboratories and projects.

Course Curriculum of Online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Through interactive coursework and adaptable online learning environments, students acquire the specific knowledge and abilities needed to take on challenging engineering problems in the quickly changing world of today.

Semester First
  • Project Planning and Control
  • Quality Control and Safety in Construction
  • Civil Engineering Materials
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  • Research Process & Methodology
  • Construction Materials Lab
Semester Second
  • Construction Economics and Finance
  • Design of Bridges
  • Advanced Concrete Technology
  • Construction Materials
  • Advanced Design of Steel Structures
  • Advanced Concrete Lab
  • Minor Project
Semester Third
  • Departmental Elective - IV (Advanced Engineering Geology)
  • Departmental Elective - V (Construction & Maintenance Management)

Learning Outcomes of Online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Graduates of the online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering program become experts in complex topics like thermal sciences and materials science, giving them the tools they need to lead and create in a variety of sectors, including the automotive and aerospace industries.

Mastery of complex ideas in mechanical systems, fluid dynamics, and thermal sciences, improving engineering problem-solving skills.
Proficiency in analysis, design, and optimization using industry-standard software tools and methodologies, readying graduates for leadership positions in a variety of industries, such as manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive.
Graduates with an advanced understanding of solid mechanics and materials science are able to build and evaluate intricate mechanical structures and components.
Capacity to use automation and control systems concepts to maximize mechanical system performance and efficiency, advancing robotics, automation, and smart manufacturing.

Eligibility Criteria of Online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

  • iconB.Tech Degree preferably in the same specialization with 55% marks.

Fees Structure of Online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Fees for the program normally costs per semester, plus extra for supplies and textbooks.



Per Semester Fees


Registration Fees (one Time)


Exam Fees


Full Fees


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Career Opportunities After Online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Graduates of the online M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering program are well-positioned for successful careers as mechanical engineers, project managers, and research specialists, driving innovation in a variety of industries, from manufacturing and renewable energy to automotive and aerospace. Their specialized knowledge and proficiency in cutting-edge technologies further enhance their prospects.

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