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Online M.Tech in Civil Engineering

An advanced degree program in civil engineering that offers advanced knowledge and abilities in a variety of civil engineering disciplines...

About Online M.Tech in Civil Engineering

An advanced degree program in civil engineering that offers advanced knowledge and abilities in a variety of civil engineering disciplines is the Online M.Tech in Civil Engineering from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. This curriculum provides a thorough examination of pertinent theoretical ideas, real-world applications, and research approaches over the course of two years. Water resources engineering, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction management, and structural engineering are just a few of the specializations available to students.The Online advanced courses in subjects like hydrology and water resource management, environmental impact assessment, soil mechanics and foundation engineering, transportation planning and design, sustainable infrastructure development, and structural analysis and design are frequently included in the curriculum. With students working on thesis projects or dissertations adding to the body of knowledge in the discipline. Alumni of M.Tech programs in Civil Engineering are highly qualified to seek employment prospects in a variety of fields, such as government agencies, research institutes, infrastructure development, consulting engineering firms, and academia. In order to address the changing challenges of urbanization, climate change, and environmental sustainability, they may work as researchers, project managers, geotechnical engineers, transportation planners, structural engineers, civil engineers, or environmental consultants. They may also be involved in the planning, design, construction, and management of resilient and sustainable infrastructure projects.

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Lingaya's Vidyapeeth
Online M.Tech in Civil Engineering

Key Program of Online M.Tech in Civil Engineering

These programs enable students to customize their education to their interests and professional aspirations by providing specialized knowledge and abilities in particular areas of civil engineering.

The study of the behavior, design, and analysis of structures like buildings, bridges, and dams is known as structural engineering. Advanced structural analysis, structural dynamics, seismic engineering, and advanced materials in construction are some of the topics covered in the courses.
Planning, designing, operating, and managing transportation systems are the main focuses of transportation engineering. Public transportation systems, intelligent transportation systems, pavement design, traffic engineering, and transportation planning are some of the topics covered in course offerings.
investigates how rock and soil behave and interact with structures in geotechnical engineering. Geo environmental engineering, slope stability, foundation engineering, and soil mechanics are among the subjects covered in the classroom.
Environmental engineering is the use of engineering principles to protect and improve the quality of the environment. Environmental impact assessment, solid waste management, air pollution control, water and wastewater treatment, and sustainable engineering techniques are just a few of the subjects covered in the courses.

Course Curriculum of Online M.Tech in Civil Engineering

By means of a demanding curriculum, hands-on experiences, and research projects, students become proficient in handling intricate problems in civil engineering and make valuable contributions to the creation of robust and sustainable infrastructure systems.

Semester First
  • Project Planning and Control
  • Quality Control and Safety in Construction
  • Civil Engineering Materials
  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  • Research Process & Methodology
  • Construction Materials Lab
Semester Second
  • Construction Economics and Finance
  • Design of Bridges
  • Advanced Concrete Technology
  • Construction Materials
  • Advanced Design of Steel Structures
  • Advanced Concrete Lab
  • Minor Project
Semester Third
  • Departmental Elective - IV (Advanced Engineering Geology)
  • Departmental Elective - V (Construction & Maintenance Management)

Learning Outcomes of Online M.Tech in Civil Engineering

Through cooperative projects and presentations, they also strengthen their communication and cooperation abilities, preparing them for leadership roles in interdisciplinary teams and professional settings.

Competence in specialist fields like environmental management, geotechnical engineering, transportation planning, and structural engineering.
Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities suited to challenging infrastructure development situations.
Excellent cooperation and communication skills shown in joint projects and presentations.
Understanding of environmental and ethical issues in the practice of civil engineering.

Eligibility Criteria of Online M.Tech in Civil Engineering

  • iconB.Tech Degree preferably in the same specialization with 55% marks.

Fees Structure of Online M.Tech in Civil Engineering

Fees for the program normally costs per semester, plus extra for supplies and textbooks.



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Exam Fees


Full Fees


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Career opportunities After Online M.Tech in Civil Engineering

Their proficiency in particular civil engineering domains enables them to tackle intricate problems and spearhead advancements in the industry, yielding noteworthy outcomes for the constructed surroundings and the advancement of society.

IconStructural engineer
IconConstruction Manager
IconGeotechnical engineering
IconCivil Engineer
IconEnvironmental engineer
IconDesign Engineer
IconTransportation planning
IconPavement Engineer
IconEngineering Mechanics
IconConsulting engineer
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