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After earning a diploma, a B.Tech Lateral Entry Programs from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is an excellent choice for anyone looking to...

About Online B.Tech Lateral Entry Programs

After earning a diploma, a B.Tech Lateral Entry Programs from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is an excellent choice for anyone looking to advance their technical abilities and professional opportunities. For diploma holders, the program usually provides a smooth transition into the undergraduate engineering field. Deeper exploration of the theoretical and practical elements of engineering disciplines is one of the major benefits of pursuing a B.Tech Lateral Entry Program after finishing a diploma. An B.Tech degree offers a more thorough understanding of specialized disciplines within engineering, such as mechanical, electrical, computer science, civil, or electronics engineering, among others, while diplomas offer a strong foundation in fundamental principles and practical abilities. This degree also makes numerous job improvements and prospects possible. A B.Tech degree is preferred by many businesses because of the candidate’s in-depth knowledge and competence. A B.Tech degree also makes it easier to pursue further education or specialization because it provides a strong basis for postgraduate courses in engineering or related subjects. In conclusion, after earning a diploma, enrolling in a B.Tech Lateral Entry program has several advantages, such as increased knowledge, real-world experience, potential for job advancement, and personal growth. It provides as a springboard for an exciting and gratifying career in engineering, enabling people to significantly impact society via innovation, problem-solving, and technological breakthroughs.

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Online B.Tech Lateral Entry Programs

Key Program of Online B.Tech Lateral Entry Programs

All things considered, B.Tech lateral entry programs provide a variety of choices catered to the various requirements and interests of students, giving them the chance to continue further education, focus on a particular field of study, or manage their studies with other obligations.

Engineering Specialties: Mechanical, electrical, civil, computer science, electronics and communication, and information technology are just a few of the engineering specialties that are covered in these programs. Every discipline has a concentration on particular fields of study and provides specialized courses that are designed to meet business demands.
Integrated B.Tech + M.Tech Programs: A few universities have integrated programs that allow students to start a Master of Technology (M.Tech) program right out of the second or third year of a B.Tech program. For students who are interested in pursuing graduate study, these integrated programs can offer a more expedited route.
Specialized Programs: Some universities provide B.Tech programs with a concentration on specific fields, like biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, aerospace engineering, and nanotechnology. These programs provide distinctive job prospects in response to the growing need for specialists in cutting-edge disciplines.
Distance Learning Programs: For those who would rather have flexible study schedules or are unable to attend regular on-campus classes for a variety of reasons, a number of universities offer online or distance learning B.Tech programs. These programs use technology to enable remote study and transmit course materials.

Course Curriculum of Online B.Tech Lateral Entry Programs

By giving diploma holders an expedient route to the second or third year of a Bachelor of Technology degree, B.Tech lateral entry programs offer a route to further engineering education and the development of specialized skills.

Semester Third
  • Maths-III (Numerical Methods)
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Engineering Economics & Industrial Management
  • Manufacturing Processes Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
Semester Fourth
  • Applied thermodynamics
  • Strength Of Material
  • Fluid Mechanics & Machine
  • Kinematics of Machine
  • Applied Thermodynamic Lab
  • Strength Of material- Lab
  • Machine Drawing
Semester Fifth
  • Dynamics Of Machine
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Heat Transfer
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Design Of Machine Elements
  • Dynamics of Machine Lab
  • Manufacturing Technology Lab
  • Heat Transfer Lab
  • Essence Of Indian Traditional Knowledge
Semester Sixth
  • Motor Vehicle Technology
  • Material Science
  • Design of Auto Components
  • Elective – I
  • Elective -II
  • Elective – III
  • Motor Vehicle Technology Lab
  • Material Science Lab
  • Elective – I Lab
  • Elective – II Lab
Semester Seventh
  • Automotive Maintenance & Service
  • Automotive Electrical & control
  • Open Elective – (Humanities)
  • Elective – IV
  • Elective -V
  • Elective – III Lab
  • Service Training Center Lab
  • Project – I
Semester Eighth
  • Online Mode (MOOC)
  • Internship

Learning Outcomes of Online B.Tech Lateral Entry Programs

In order to accommodate a wide range of interests and professional goals, these courses include integrative studies, specialized tracks, and several engineering specializations.

Graduates will be able to assess difficult engineering problems and come up with workable solutions since they will have a thorough understanding of advanced engineering concepts, theories, and procedures unique to their chosen fields.
In order to prepare them for careers in business, research, or academia, students will gain specific technical skills and knowledge in fields including design, analysis, simulation, prototyping, programming, and project management.
Learners will gain strong analytical and problem-solving abilities through coursework, projects, and hands-on experiences. These skills will allow them to recognize, assess, and creatively and methodically address engineering difficulties.
Graduates will exhibit competence in writing and spoken communication, including the capacity to clearly explain technical ideas, communicate research findings, produce reports, and work well in interdisciplinary teams and stakeholder environments.

Eligibility Criteria of Online B.Tech Lateral Entry Programs

  • iconStudents must have completed the 3 years engineering diploma program from recognized institute in order to apply for the program.
  • iconThey must have secure 50% marks in their diploma program.
  • iconstudents have to clear the entrance examination in order to enroll in this program.

Fees Structure of Online B.Tech Lateral Entry Programs

Fees for the program normally costs per semester, plus extra for supplies and textbooks.



Per Semester Fees


Registration Fees (one Time)


Exam Fees


Full Fees


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Career Opportunities After Online B.Tech Lateral Entry Programs

Graduates of the B.Tech lateral entry program has specialized skills and knowledge pertinent to the business, which sets them up for a variety of employment prospects in fields like engineering consulting, R&D, manufacturing, information technology, and telecommunications. In today's competitive work market, their ability to tackle complicated challenges and adapt to changing technology makes them highly sought-after specialists.

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IconData Analyst
Icon Data Scientist
IconCybersecurity Analyst
IconAutomotive Engineer
IconEnvironmental Engineer
IconBiomedical Engineer
IconSystems Analyst
IconUrban Planner
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