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Online B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering

An Online B.Tech programs in Computer Science Engineering from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth provide students with a thorough education via virtual platforms...

About Online B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering

An Online B.Tech programs in Computer Science Engineering from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth provide students with a thorough education via virtual platforms covering the theories, concepts, and real-world applications of computer science. Algorithms, data structures, computer architecture, software engineering, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and machine learning are just a few of the many topics that are taught in these programs. Through interactive projects, virtual laboratories, and virtual lectures, students acquire a thorough understanding of the theoretical underpinnings and practical abilities necessary to succeed in the profession of computer science engineering. Computer science engineering online programs frequently use cutting edge technologies to produce immersive learning environments. Students may work on projects, engage with course materials, and communicate with peers and instructors from any location with an internet connection thanks to collaboration platforms, simulation tools, and virtual coding environments. In result, flexible and easy online B.Tech programs in Computer Science Engineering enable individuals to fulfill their academic and professional aspirations in the quickly developing field of computer science. With their extensive curricula, flexible scheduling, and immersive learning opportunities, these programs give students the information and skills they need to be successful in a variety of tech-related positions.

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Lingaya's Vidyapeeth
Online B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering

Key Program

Online B.Tech programs in Computer Science Engineering can provide students with a top-notch education and equip them for lucrative employment in the technology sector by combining these essential elements.

All-inclusive Curriculum: An educational program that encompasses fundamental subjects like computer architecture, artificial intelligence, cyber security, machine learning, data structures, algorithms, and software engineering. A balanced combination of theoretical and applied abilities pertinent to computer science and engineering should be taught throughout the curriculum.
Flexible Learning Environment: Online resources that are easily accessible from any location with an internet connection, enabling students to study at their own speed. Scheduling flexibility meets the needs of those with additional responsibilities and working professionals.
Interactive Learning Resources: Educational materials that promote active learning and student participation, such as multimedia presentations, virtual lectures, and interactive assignments
Industry-Relevant Projects: In order to give students a practical experience and prepare them for careers in computer science engineering, industry-relevant projects, case studies, and internships are integrated.

Course Curriculum

By means of a combination of virtual lectures, coding projects, and interactive assignments, learners acquire practical expertise and theoretical understanding to confront intricate computational problems and stimulate creativity.

Semester Third
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Discrete Mathematical Structures
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Digital Electronics
  • Mathematics-III
  • Engineering Economics & Industrial Management
  • Data Structures & Algorithms Lab
  • Object Oriented Programming Lab
  • Digital electronics Lab
Semester Fourth
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Architecture & organization
  • Data Base Management System
  • Java Programming
  • Design & Analysis of Algorithms
  • Operating Systems Lab
  • Data Base Management System Lab
  • Java Programming Lab
Semester Fifth
  • Microprocessors & Microcontroller
  • Computer Network
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Python Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Formal Language & Automate Theory
  • Microprocessors & Microcontroller Lab
  • Artificial Intelligence Lab
  • Software Engineering Lab
  • Python Programming Lab
Semester Sixth
  • Soft Computing Techniques
  • Data Mining & Predictive Modeling
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Soft Computing Lab
  • Data Mining Lab
  • Machine Learning Lab
  • Minor Project – I
Semester Seventh
  • Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning Lab
  • Major Project
Semester Eighth
  • MOOC Course Swayam – I
  • Internship

Learning Outcomes

Program graduates are well-positioned for success in a variety of professions within the technology industry because they have a thorough understanding of fundamental computer science ideas and practical abilities in programming, problem-solving, and system design.

Graduates are able to assess and resolve challenging computational issues because they have a thorough understanding of fundamental subjects such algorithms, data structures, computer architecture, and software engineering.
Graduates may create effective and creative solutions in a variety of fields, such as machine learning, cyber security, and artificial intelligence, by employing computational thinking and problem-solving techniques
In order to effectively communicate technical concepts, project proposals, and solutions to a variety of audiences, including non-technical stakeholders, students hone their oral and written communication skills.
Graduates have the capacity to function well in interdisciplinary teams, offering their knowledge and cooperating with colleagues to accomplish shared objectives and complete projects successfully.

Eligibility Criteria

  • iconStudent who have a Diploma in Civil Engineering (or Equivalent Degree-Class 12th with BCA/B.E/B.Sc) from a recognized university can apply.
  • iconThe candidates should also have scored a minimum 50% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination.

Fees Structure

The tuition for the program varies per semester, Textbooks, software licenses, and other items needed for schooling may incur additional expenses.



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Career Opportunities

Graduates can work in a variety of industries, including technology companies, banking, healthcare, and more, as software engineers, data scientists, cyber security analysts, or systems architects.

IconDatabase Administrator
IconWeb Developer
IconSoftware Engineer
IconData Scientist
IconComputer hardware engineer
IconComputer Network Architects
IconComputer systems analyst
IconCyber Security Specialist
IconMachine Learning Engineer
IconNetwork Engineer
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