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Online B.tech in Automobile Engineering

Through online platforms, B.Tech programs in Automobile Engineering from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth offer a thorough education in the creation, development, production, and...

About Online B.tech in Automobile Engineering

Through online platforms, B.Tech programs in Automobile Engineering from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth offer a thorough education in the creation, development, production, and upkeep of autos. A wide range of subjects are usually included in these programs, such as environmental legislation, automotive electronics, power train systems, vehicle dynamics, safety engineering, and automotive design. Students get a thorough grasp of the theoretical concepts and real-world applications of automotive engineering through virtual lectures, interactive homework, and virtual laboratories. The flexibility that an online B.Tech program in automobile engineering gives is one of its main benefits. With the flexibility to access lectures and course materials at their own pace, students can manage their education alongside responsibilities to their families, careers, and other interests. For those who are unable to attend traditional on-campus programs or who are working professionals looking to further their professions, this flexibility is very helpful. In conclusion, people can pursue their academic and professional goals in the automotive industry with ease and flexibility by enrolling in online B.Tech programs in automobile engineering. These programs provide students with the information and abilities necessary to excel in a variety of professions within the automotive engineering field by providing a thorough curriculum, flexible scheduling options, and intensive learning experiences.

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Lingaya's Vidyapeeth
Online B.tech in Automobile Engineering

Key Program

Online B.Tech programs in Automobile Engineering can provide students with a top-notch education and equip them for lucrative professions in the automotive sector by combining these essential elements.

Comprehensive Curriculum: A curriculum that includes instruction in all the necessary subjects, including environmental regulations, safety engineering, automotive electronics, power train systems, vehicle dynamics, and automotive design. A balance between academic understanding and real-world applications pertinent to automotive engineering should be included in the curriculum
Flexible Learning Environment: Online resources that are easily accessible from any location with an internet connection, enabling students to study at their own speed. Scheduling flexibility meets the needs of those with additional responsibilities and working professionals.
Virtual Labs and Simulations: Using simulation programs and virtual labs to give students practical experience with automotive design, testing, and optimization. These resources improve comprehension and the development of useful skills in a secure setting.
Interactive learning materials: Educational materials that encourage active learning and student participation, such as multimedia presentations, virtual lectures, and interactive assignments.

Course Curriculum

With a thorough examination of vehicle dynamics, safety engineering, power train systems, and automotive design, the online Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Automobile Engineering program gives students the tools they need to be creative in the quickly changing automotive sector.

Semester Third
  • Maths-III (Numerical Methods)
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Engineering Economics & Industrial Management
  • Manufacturing Processes Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
Semester Fourth
  • Applied thermodynamics
  • Strength Of Material
  • Fluid Mechanics & Machine
  • Kinematics of Machine
  • Applied Thermodynamic Lab
  • Strength Of material- Lab
  • Machine Drawing
Semester Fifth
  • Dynamics Of Machine
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Heat Transfer
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Design Of Machine Elements
  • Dynamics of Machine Lab
  • Manufacturing Technology Lab
  • Heat Transfer Lab
  • Essence Of Indian Traditional Knowledge
Semester Sixth
  • Motor Vehicle Technology
  • Material Science
  • Design of Auto Components
  • Motor Vehicle Technology Lab
  • Material Science Lab
Semester Seventh
  • Automotive Maintenance & Service
  • Automotive Electrical & control
  • Open Elective – (Humanities)
  • Service Training Center Lab
  • Project – I
Semester Eighth
  • Online Mode (MOOC)
  • Internship

Learning Outcomes

The learning objectives of an online Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) program in Automobile Engineering usually comprise mastering foundational concepts like vehicle dynamics, automotive design, and powertrain systems in addition to gaining competence with industry-standard modeling and simulation software.

Graduates are able to assess and maximize vehicle performance because of their extensive knowledge of power train systems, vehicle dynamics, automotive design, and related technical principles.
Students gain practical experience in modeling, simulating, and testing automotive systems and components using industry-standard software tools and methodologies.
Graduates are skilled at recognizing, articulating, and resolving challenging technical issues in the automotive industry. They employ analytical and critical thinking abilities to create novel solutions.
In order to effectively communicate engineering concepts, project proposals, and technical reports to a variety of audiences, students hone their oral and writing communication abilities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • iconStudent who have a Diploma/Polytechnic (or Equivalent Degree-Class 12th with BCA/B.E/B.Sc) from a recognized university can apply.
  • iconThe candidates should also have scored a minimum 50% aggregate marks in the qualifying examination.

Fees Structure

Fees for the program normally costs per semester, plus extra for supplies and textbooks.



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Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program can go on to have exciting jobs as design specialists, research and development professionals, automotive engineers, or technical consultants, where they can help advance the safety, sustainability, and technology of vehicles.

IconAutomobile engineer
IconQuality Engineer
IconSenior Production Engineer
IconAutomobile designer
IconManagerial economics
IconAutomotive Service Advisor
IconAccessories vendor
IconBusiness consultants
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