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GLA University’s online BCA program provides a thorough curriculum that aims to give students the fundamental knowledge and useful skills...

About Online BCA

GLA University’s online BCA program provides a thorough curriculum that aims to give students the fundamental knowledge and useful skills they need to succeed in the ever-evolving field of computer science and information technology. Students study fundamental subjects like database administration, web development, software engineering, programming languages, and computer networking through a combination of academic coursework and practical learning opportunities. Students can interact with interactive lectures, take part in virtual laboratories, and work with classmates and instructors from a variety of backgrounds thanks to the flexibility of online learning. Furthermore, real-world projects and internships are frequently incorporated into online BCA programs, giving students invaluable industry experience and equipping them for a variety of career options in software development, IT consulting, system analysis, and other fields. Additionally, online BCA programs place a strong emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving skills, pushing students to take on hard assignments and engage in innovative work in domains like cloud computing, cyber security, and artificial intelligence. With a focus on real-world application, these programs produce graduates who are not only technically proficient but also possess the creativity and adaptability necessary to succeed in a fast changing technology environment. Online BCA graduates are positioned to drive innovation across industries and make important contributions to the digital economy, whether they want to pursue jobs in software development, IT management, or entrepreneurship.

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Key Program USP's of Online BCA from GLA University

These fundamental courses prepare students for a variety of careers in software development, database administration, system analysis, IT consulting, and other fields by giving them a well-rounded education in computer science and IT.

Data Structures: Understanding basic data structures (arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs) as well as algorithm design methodologies is essential for effective problem-solving.
Studying relational database concepts, SQL querying, database architecture, normalization, and transaction management are all part of Database Management Systems.
Software Engineering: The study of requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance as well as the principles and practices of the software development life cycle.
Operating Systems: Comprehending the structure, features, and administration of operating systems, encompassing memory management, file systems, security, and process management.
Introduction to ideas, algorithms, and applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML) in fields like computer vision, predictive analytics, and natural language processing.

Course Curriculum of Online BCA from GLA University

Students who complete this program of study will be prepared for entry-level positions in web development, database administration, software development, and other related fields by gaining a fundamental understanding of important computer science and IT concepts.

Semester First
  • Programming Logic Using 'C'
  • Fundamentals of Computer and IT
  • Fundamentals of Internet Programming
  • Remedial English
  • Mathematics –I
Semester First Practicals
  • Programming Lab
  • Information Technology Lab
  • Soft Skills I
  • Internet Programming Lab
Semester Second
  • Data Structures using 'C'
  • Fundamental of Database
  • Fundamentals of Operating Systems
  • Management Concepts & Practices
  • Mathematics –II
Semester Second Practicals
  • Data Structures using 'C' Lab
  • Database Management System Lab
  • Operating System Lab
  • English in Practice
Semester Third
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Computer Organization & Architecture
  • Introduction to Python
  • Environmental Studies
Semester Third Practicals
  • Effective Communication and Personality Development.
  • Machine Learning Using Python Lab
  • Python Programming Lab
  • Soft Skills III
Semester Fourth
  • GUI based Programming Using Visual Basic
  • Computer Networks & Communication
  • Programming in JAVA
  • Optimization Methods
  • Ethics & Values
  • System Design & Software Engineering
Semester Fourth Practicals
  • Mini Project 1
  • Professional Communication & Behavioral Grooming
  • Programming in Java Lab
  • Visual Basic Programming Lab
  • Soft Skills IV
Semester Five
  • Web Technology
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithm
  • Programming in Advanced Java
  • Digital Marketing & Transformation
Semester Five Practicals
  • Web Technology Lab
  • Digital Marketing & Transformation Lab
  • Advanced Java Lab
  • Mini Project –II
  • Soft Skills V
Semester Six
  • Net Framework using VB.Net
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
Semester Six Practicals
  • VB.Net Programming Lab
  • Major Project

Learning Outcomes of Online BCA from GLA University

With the help of these learning objectives, graduates will be ready for a wide range of job options in computer application-related industries like web development, database administration, system analysis, software development, and more.

Graduates will be able to write, debug, and maintain code to solve computational problems in addition to demonstrating competency in at least one programming language.
Graduates will be capable of applying basic algorithms and data structures to solve issues quickly.
Graduates will be competent in relational database design, implementation, and management, including SQL data querying.
Graduates will be knowledgeable with requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance processes in software development.

Eligibility Criteria of Online BCA from GLA University

  • iconEligibility rеquirеs complеtion of Standard XII (10+2) or an еquivalеnt Govеrnmеnt-Approvеd Diploma in Enginееring/Tеchnology from a rеcognizеd board.
  • iconEnsurе a minimum scorе of 50% or an еquivalеnt gradе for considеration. 

Fees Structure of Online BCA from GLA University

A clear cost schedule for online BCA ensures accessibility for prospective students.



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Career Opportunity After Online BCA from GLA University

Graduates of online BCA programs are prepared to contribute significantly to the rapidly changing field of technology, with an emphasis on creativity, problem-solving, and flexibility.

IconCyber security expert
Icon Data Scientist
IconWeb Developer
IconData Analyst
IconDatabase Administrator
IconNetwork Administrator
IconSystem Analyst
IconProduct management
IconAI Developer
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