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Online MBA in Operations Management

An Online MBA in Operations Management from GLA University offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored to equip students with the skills...

About Online MBA in Operations Management

An Online MBA in Operations Management from GLA University offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in overseeing the production and delivery of goods and services within organizations. This specialized track delves into various aspects of operations management, including supply chain management, process optimization, inventory control, quality management, logistics, and project management. Through a combination of theoretical coursework, practical case studies, and hands-on projects, students learn to identify inefficiencies, streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance productivity throughout the value chain. The flexibility that an online MBA in operations management program gives is one of its main benefits. Students may manage their studies with job, family, and other responsibilities since they are free to access course materials, take part in conversations, and finish assignments at their own speed and on their own time. Firms in a variety of industries place a high value on the operations management skills obtained through an online MBA. Graduates are equipped for positions in manufacturing, consulting, supply chain management, logistics, operations management, and project management, among other fields. Graduates of online MBA programs are more equipped to succeed in the competitive business environment of today, regardless of their industry of choice traditional manufacturing, services, or emergent technology-driven sectors. This is because they have acquired experience in operations management. With an emphasis on technological integration, global perspective, and practical applicability, this specialist MBA program gives students the tools and abilities they need to succeed in ever-changing and dynamic corporate contexts.

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Online MBA in Operations Management

Key Program USP's of Online MBA in Operations Management from GLA University

These essential elements are combined in an online MBA program with an operations management specialization to give students the information, abilities, and real-world experience they need to excel in operations management positions and significantly improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and competitiveness of their organizations.

Core Business Foundations: To give students a solid grounding in business principles, the program should contain core MBA courses covering important business disciplines like finance, marketing, management, economics, and strategy.
Courses on Specialized Operations Management: Topics include supply chain management, process optimization, inventory control, quality management, logistics, project management, and lean manufacturing principles are covered in specialized operations management courses.
Case Studies and Projects: To enable students to use operations management principles and techniques to solve challenging business challenges and optimize processes, the curriculum should include real-world case studies, simulations, and practical projects.
Industry-Relevant Electives: Students can customize their studies to their unique professional goals and interests within operations management by taking elective courses or concentrating in adjacent fields like manufacturing management, supply chain management, or logistics management.

Course Curriculum of Online MBA in Operations Management from GLA University

The Operations Management online MBA program includes specific courses in supply chain management, process optimization, and logistics in addition to a broad curriculum covering key business disciplines. Students complete interactive learning modules and real-world case studies with the knowledge and abilities necessary to lead and optimize operations in a variety of industries.

Semester First
  • Business Environment
  • Business Accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Statistics
  • Marketing Management
  • Management process and Organizational Behavior
Semester Second
  • Entrepreneurship Management
  • Financial Management
  • Research Methodology
  • Operations Research
  • International Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
Semester Third
  • Strategic Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Advance Project Management
  • Demand and Business Forecasting
  • Operations Strategy
Semester Fourth
  • Corporate Governance and Business ethics
  • Project Management
  • Advanced Inventory Control
  • Manufacturing System
  • Service Operations Management

Learning Outcomes of Online MBA in Operations Management from GLA University

Graduates of an online MBA program with a specialty in operations management are equipped to succeed in leadership positions, promote operational efficiency, and support organizational success in a variety of industries and international settings by meeting these learning objectives.

Graduates will show that they are capable of creating and carrying out strategic initiatives that improve productivity, foster organizational growth, and optimize operations.
Students will have the ability to plan and oversee supply chain networks, optimize logistics procedures, and reduce risks in order to guarantee a seamless and economical flow of goods and services.
Graduates will be skilled in improving operational performance and productivity through process analysis, inefficiency identification, and application of continuous improvement approaches like Six Sigma and Lean.
In order to guarantee the highest levels of product and service quality, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance, students will gain knowledge in quality assurance concepts, procedures, and instruments.

Eligibility Criteria of Online MBA in Operations Management from GLA University

  • iconAny Bachelor's degree holders with a minimum of 45% score.

Fees Structure of Online MBA in Operations Management from GLA University



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Career Opportunities After Online MBA in Operations Management from GLA University

Graduates of the online MBA program in operations management are well-positioned for exciting careers as project managers, supply chain analysts, coordinators of logistics, or operations managers. They can use their experience to drive organizational success in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare, by streamlining procedures and increasing efficiency. In today's cutthroat business environment, their strategic thinking and analytical abilities are essential for improving operational performance and accomplishing corporate goals.

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IconSupply Chain Analyst
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