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Students can pursue their education while juggling other obligations with the flexibility and convenience of earning a Bachelor of Business...

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Students can pursue their education while juggling other obligations with the flexibility and convenience of earning a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Online GLA University. Online BBA programs give anyone, anywhere in the world, access to a top-notch education from recognized universities via virtual platforms and digital resources. Through online forums, virtual lectures, and interactive course materials, students participate in a dynamic learning environment that supports a variety of learning styles. With the availability of both synchronous and asynchronous learning options, students may study at their own speed and engage in real-time communication with instructors and fellow students. Multimedia content, case studies, and simulations are frequently incorporated into online BBA programs in order to improve learning outcomes and replicate real-world business settings. Online collaboration technologies also help students collaborate and network, giving them the chance to meet people from all over the world, exchange ideas, and develop career connections. Dedicated academic support services, such as online tutoring, advising, and technical assistance, make sure that students have the direction and tools they need to succeed despite the remote nature of online learning. Furthermore, a lot of online BBA programs provide opportunities for experiential learning, including virtual projects or internships, which let students apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to real-world situations and obtain real-world experience. Online BBA programs emphasize on building critical thinking, communication, and leadership abilities, among other important business competencies. This helps graduates be ready for a variety of professional paths in the cutthroat global marketplace of today.


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Key Program USP's of Online BBA from GLA University

Important first actions include researching programs, fulfilling entrance requirements, and applying with diligence. Success after enrollment depends on efficient time management and engaged participation in the classes.

Investigate and Select a Program: Seek out reputable online BBA programs that fit your schedule, interests, and professional objectives. Think on things like the curriculum, the qualifications of the teachers, the institution's reputation, flexibility, and the cost of tuition.
Specialization Tracks: A lot of BBA programs let students concentrate on particular areas of interest within the business profession by offering specialization tracks or concentrations. Finance, marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, international business, and supply chain management are examples of common specializations.
Core Business Courses: Foundational courses covering a range of business topics, including accounting, finance, marketing, management, operations, and business law, are frequently included in BBA programs. A comprehensive understanding of basic business fundamentals is offered by these courses.
General Education Requirements: General education classes in mathematics, English composition, social sciences, and natural sciences are typically included in BBA degrees. These classes give pupils a well-rounded education and support the growth of their communication and critical thinking abilities.
Experiential Learning activities: Co-ops, internships, case competitions, and consulting projects are just a few examples of the experiential learning activities that are frequently included in BBA programs. Students can apply their classroom knowledge to real-world business settings through these practical experiences, which also help them develop important practical skills.

Course Curriculum of Online BBA from GLA University

Explore your goals for business excellence with GLA University's online Bachelor of Business Administration program. Release your potential and embark on a journey to become a successful business owner.

Semester First
  • Management Concepts & Practices
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Fundamentals of Computer & Data Handling
  • Business Acumen – I
Semester Second
  • Organization Behavior
  • Management Accounting
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Ethics & Values
  • Remedial English
  • Practical of Computer Applications
  • Business Acumen – II
Semester Third
  • Marketing Management
  • Production & Operation Management
  • Business Communication
  • Patent and Copyright Law
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework of Business
  • Environmental Studies
  • Business Acumen – III
Semester Fourth
  • Fundamentals of Banking and Insurance
  • Business Research
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Consumer Protection Laws
  • Company Laws
  • Business Acumen – IV
Semester Five
  • Accounting for Management
  • Cost Accounting
Semester Six
  • Management of Working Capita
  • Auditing

Learning Outcomes of Online BBA from GLA University

In the long run, BBA graduates leave with the abilities, know-how, and attitude required to be successful as moral leaders and participants in the fast-paced business world.

Graduates will exhibit a thorough comprehension of the fundamental ideas and concepts of accounting, finance, marketing, management, operations, and business law, among other areas.
Graduates will be equipped with the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities necessary to assess data, understand intricate business problems, and create novel solutions.
Students will be able to cooperate with people in a formal business setting and deliver ideas and information with effectiveness thanks to their good written and oral communication abilities.
Students will be skilled in quantitative approaches and data analysis techniques, empowering them to use statistical and mathematical tools to solve business challenges, understand numerical data, and make well-informed judgments.
Graduates will exhibit a dedication to moral behavior, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable business practices as well as an understanding of the ethical consequences of business decisions.

Eligibility Criteria of Online BBA from GLA University

  • icon12th with any stream.
  • iconYou must have scored at least 45% in your 10+2 or diploma if you are in the general category. But if you belong to reserved categories (Like SC/ST or others), then a minimum of 40% is acceptable.

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Career Opportunity After Online BBA from GLA University

Graduates possess the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities necessary to evaluate challenging business situations and suggest creative solutions. Their ability to collaborate and communicate effectively equips them to succeed in a variety of professional settings. In a business environment that is always evolving, ethical awareness and a global perspective promote responsible decision-making and adaptation.

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