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The goal of the extensive BBA in Finance Management from Vignan University give students a strong foundation in business management...

About Online BBA in Finance Management

The goal of the extensive BBA in Finance Management from Vignan University give students a strong foundation in business management concepts and financial knowledge. Typically, this curriculum combines specialist finance education with traditional business courses. Topics covered include corporate finance, financial analysis, investment management, risk management, and financial planning. Through a combination of instruction and real-world applications, students gain the critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities necessary for success in the finance sector. With the program’s online model providing flexibility, students can access lectures, course materials, and assignments from any location with an internet connection, allowing them to manage their studies alongside other responsibilities like as job and family. Furthermore, networking and collaboration opportunities with peers from different backgrounds are frequently fostered by the online learning environment, offering insightful and helpful viewpoints. Financial analysts, investment bankers, financial planners, risk managers, and corporate finance managers are just a few of the financial occupations that graduates of a BBA in Finance management are well-prepared for. They are significant assets to companies trying to negotiate the complexity of the financial landscape because they have the knowledge, abilities, and experience required to succeed in a variety of finance-related professions in both the public and private sectors.

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Online BBA in Finance Management

Key Program of Online BBA in Finance Management from Vignan University

Students can prepare for successful careers in finance with the help of a BBA in Finance Management, which offers a comprehensive curriculum, flexible learning alternatives, and hands-on experiences.

A comprehensive curriculum that includes both core business courses and specialist finance instruction in subjects like risk assessment, financial planning, investment management, and financial analysis.
Flexible Learning alternatives: A lot of programs provide students with online learning alternatives that are flexible, enabling them to manage their education alongside jobs or other obligations.
Practical Experience: Students can gain real-world experience and apply financial principles through opportunities for practical projects, internships, or simulations.
Get access to seasoned instructors who specialize in finance and related subjects and offer excellent mentoring and coaching.

Course Curriculum of Online BBA in Finance Management from Vignan University

With a BBA in Finance Management, students can combine specialized education in finance with fundamental business principles to get the knowledge and abilities necessary to assess financial data, make strategic decisions, and efficiently manage financial resources.

Semester First
  • Principles of Management and Organisational Behavior
  • Managerial Economics
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Business Statistics and Analytics for Decision making
  • Business Environment & Ethics
  • Business Communication
Semester Second
  • Business Communication II
  • Cost Accounting
  • Business Psychology
  • Macro Economics
  • Business Statistics
Semester Third
  • Business Environment
  • Management Accounting
  • IT Tools for Business
  • Business Laws
  • Business Research Methods
Semester Fourth
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations Management
  • Direct Taxation
Semester Fifth
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Elective I*
  • Elective II*
Semester Sixth
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Governance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Elective III**
  • Elective IV**
  • Management Thesis
Elective (I & II) Subjects:
  • *Please select any two from the options below
  • Marketing Research
  • Retailing Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Sales and Distribution Management
Elective (III & IV) Subjects:
  • **Please select any two from the options below
  • Innovation and Product Development
  • Advertising and Brand Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Tourism Marketing

Learning Outcomes of Online BBA in Finance Management from Vignan University

A BBA in Finance Management prepares graduates for exciting jobs in finance and related industries by fostering expertise in financial analysis, strategic planning, and moral decision-making. Students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully navigate complicated financial environments and propel organizational success via extensive coursework and hands-on experiences.

Ability to use financial software and tools that are often used in the sector, improving the accuracy and efficiency of financial reporting and analysis. Capability to design and carry out long-term financial objectives and maximize company performance through strategic financial strategies.
Competence in risk assessment, investment evaluation, and financial analysis. Mastery of capital budgeting, forecasting, and other financial management concepts.
Capacity to address intricate financial problems by using quantitative methodologies and financial modeling tools. Knowledge of the organizations, financial markets, and laws that control the finance sector.
Proficiency in both teamwork and communication to effectively communicate financial data and collaborate with teammates. Considering ethics and following professional guidelines when making financial decisions.

Eligibility Criteria of Online BBA in Finance Management from Vignan University

  • iconStudents who have successfully completed the 12th standard in any stream
  • icon The applicant must have scored a minimum of 50% marks in their board examination.

Fees Structure of Online BBA in Finance Management from Vignan University

For qualified students, there may be workplace reimbursement plans, financial assistance options, and scholarships available to help with costs.



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Career Opportunities After Online BBA in Finance Management from Vignan University

Graduates with a BBA in finance management have a wide range of career options, including corporate finance manager, investment banker, financial planner, and financial analyst. They can succeed in a variety of businesses and sectors by utilizing their skills in risk management, strategic planning, and financial analysis.

IconFinance Manager
IconFinancial Analyst
IconInvestment banking
IconBusiness Analyst
IconFinancial planner
IconInvestment management
IconRisk and Insurance Manager
IconAccounting Manager
IconMarketing Executive
IconFinancial accounting
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