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Online BBA in Human Capital Management

An Online BBA in Human Capital Management from Maharishi Markandeshwar(DU) is a specialized aimed at preparing students for professions in...

About Online BBA in Human Capital Management

An Online BBA in Human Capital Management from Maharishi Markandeshwar(DU) is a specialized aimed at preparing students for professions in the nexus of people management and business. Students who complete this extensive curriculum will have a thorough understanding of fundamental business concepts in addition to specialized skills in human resources management. Students study subjects including hiring and selecting tactics, performance management, administration of pay and benefits, employee relations, training and development, HR technology integration, and legal compliance during the program. They also look at leadership philosophies, organizational behavior, and moral issues that are pertinent to efficiently managing human resources in businesses. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on real-world application by giving students the chance to apply their academic knowledge to real-world HR difficulties through projects, case studies, internships, and simulations. Students gain the interpersonal skills, problem-solving techniques, and critical thinking abilities necessary for success in HR positions through these chances for experiential learning. The training program also incorporates diversity awareness and ethical considerations, which encourages future HR professionals to commit to inclusive practices and ethical leadership. In order to prepare them for navigating difficult moral decisions and fostering inclusive and diverse work environments, students study topics pertaining to ethics, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

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Maharishi Markandeshwar University (MMU) Online
Online BBA in Human Capital Management

Key Program USP's of Online BBA in HCM from MMU

The Human Capital Management BBA program equips students with the information, skills, and hands-on experience necessary to successfully recruit, develop, and manage talent within enterprises, setting them up for success in HR professions.

Essential Business Foundations: To guarantee that students have a comprehensive understanding of business principles, the curriculum should offer a solid basis in fundamental business disciplines such accounting, finance, marketing, management, and economics.
Specialized Human Resource Management Courses: HR strategy, employee relations, performance management, training and development, compensation and benefits, and labor legislation are just a few of the subjects covered in specialized courses on HR management.
Ethics and Diversity Training: Courses covering diversity and inclusion, ethical issues, and cultural acuity assist students in resolving moral conundrums and dealing with issues pertaining to diversity in the workplace.
Communication and Interpersonal Skills: HCM practitioners must possess effective communication, negotiation, dispute resolution, and interpersonal skills in order to engage with staff members, supervisors, and outside parties.

Course Curriculum of Online BBA in HCM from MMU

Preparing students for a variety of occupations in human resources management, this specialist degree includes topics like employee development, recruitment methods, labor law compliance, and HR technology.

Semester First
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Business Mathematics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Environmental Studies
Semester Second
  • Macro Economics
  • Organisational Behavior
  • Business ethics and corporate Social responsibility
  • Business Statistics
Semester Third
  • Management Accounting
  • Principles of marketing
  • Business Laws
  • IT Tools for Business
  • Universal Human Values
Semester Fourth
  • Digital Marketing
  • Income Tax
  • Personal Selling & Salesmanship
  • Indian Constitutions
  • Entrepreneurship Development & Management
Semester Fifth
  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • Financial Management
  • Operations Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Employment Laws
  • Talent Management
  • Compensation Management
Semester Sixth
  • Management Information System
  • Training & Development
  • Human Relation Management
  • e-HRM
  • Global Human Resource Management

Learning Outcomes of Online BBA in HCM from MMU

Graduates of a BBA program in Human Capital Management who meet these learning objectives will have the know-how, abilities, and competences required to excel in HR positions and contribute significantly to the success of their organizations by managing human resources effectively.

Learn about creating and implementing efficient hiring and selection procedures to draw in and keep top talent for your company.
Acquire expertise in handling complaints, settling disputes, managing employee relations, and fostering an environment at work that encourages engagement and productivity.
To increase both individual and organizational performance, learn how to create and implement performance management systems, which include goal-setting, performance evaluation, feedback channels, and performance improvement plans
Discover about pay scales, benefit plans, and incentive programs to draw in, inspire, and keep workers while making sure that they are in line with company objectives and financial restrictions.

Eligibility Criteria of Online BBA in HCM from MMU

  • iconThe candidates should have passed Senior Secondary Certificate (10+2) Examination from any recognized Board/University with at least five subjects including English as one of the main subjects.

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Career Opportunity After Online BBA in HCM from MMU

Human resource and talent management occupations are well-suited for BBA in Human Capital Management graduates. Jobs like HR generalist, talent acquisition specialist, coordinator of training and development, analyst of compensation and benefits, HR consultant, or organizational development specialist are among the positions they might choose to pursue.

IconHealthcare Quality Manager
IconHealth Care Analyst
IconHospital Administrator
IconPharmaceutical project manager
IconHealth Service manager
IconHealthcare finance manager
IconHuman Resources Management
Icon Innovative Care Management
IconTraining & Development manager
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