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An Online MA in Political Science from Andhra University provides a thorough and adaptable course for people who are enthusiastic...

About Online MA In Political Science

An Online MA in Political Science from Andhra University provides a thorough and adaptable course for people who are enthusiastic about learning about political systems, governmental structures, and international events. Political theory, comparative politics, international relations, public policy, and political economy are just a few of the many subjects that are commonly covered in this curriculum. Students get a thorough understanding of political dynamics, policy processes, and the role of government in addressing complex societal concerns through dynamic coursework, interactive conversations, and research projects. The flexibility that an online MA in Political Science affords is one of its main benefits. Students may manage their studies with job, family, and other responsibilities by having access to course materials, lectures, and discussions at their own speed through asynchronous learning alternatives. Furthermore, a rich and dynamic learning environment is fostered by the broad cohort of students that online programs frequently draw from various locales and backgrounds. They can acquire the information, abilities, and certifications necessary to excel in their chosen fields and have a good impact on society with an online MA in Political Science. All things considered, an online MA in Political Science provides a versatile and approachable route for those who are enthusiastic about learning about political dynamics and making a constructive impact on society.

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Online MA In Political Science

Key Program of Online MA in Political Science from Andhra University

Graduates from these programs are prepared for positions in government, public administration, international organizations, journalism, lobbying, academia, and other professions that respect political science expertise.

Political Theory: The underlying ideas of politics and governance, as well as modern and classical political ideologies and philosophical viewpoints, are examined in this program. To gain a deeper comprehension of political concepts and ideals, students examine important literature and debates.
Comparative Politics: Students can compare and contrast political structures, party systems, election systems, and political cultures through this program's examination of political systems, institutions, and procedures in various nations and regions. Pupils acquire knowledge of the variety of political structures and the variables influencing political results.
Public Policy Analysis: The agenda-setting, policy formulation, implementation, and assessment stages of the policy-making process are all covered in this curriculum. Students gain knowledge of both quantitative and qualitative techniques for researching policy, understanding policy issues, and evaluating policy results.
Political Economy: This course explores the relationship between politics and economics, covering theories of inequality, globalization, and economic development as well as the function of government in the economy. Students investigate the relationship between political institutions, policies, and economic consequences.

Course Curriculum of Online MA in Political Science from Andhra University

Students gain a thorough understanding of political systems and the ability to think critically through interactive online lectures, lively conversations, and research assignments. This equips them for a variety of career options in academia, government, diplomacy, and activism.

Semester First
  • Indian Political System - I
  • Theory of International Relations - I
  • Indian Political Thought
  • Foreign Policy of India - I
Semester Second
  • Western Political Thought-I
  • Comparative Politics
  • State Government & Politics in AP – I
  • Readings in Indian Administration
Semester Third
  • Indian Political System - II
  • Theory of International Relations - II
  • Research Methods - I
  • Social Welfare Policy in India
Semester Fourth
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Foreign Policy of India - II
  • Research Methods - II
  • State Government & Politics in AP – II

Learning Outcomes of Online MA in Political Science from Andhra University

They also gain a thorough understanding of international political dynamics, which promotes cultural competency and an appreciation for different viewpoints. All of these skills equip them for leadership roles in the public sector, academia, international organizations, advocacy groups, and other fields where political expertise is highly valued.

Investigate in-depth a number of online Master of Arts in Political Science programs, taking into account elements including faculty experience, program repute, accreditation, and curriculum structure. Select a course of study that fits your schedule, professional objectives, and areas of academic interest.
Fulfill the prerequisites for your selected online MA degree. These could include submitting test results (if needed), recommendation letters, transcripts, and a statement of purpose. Make sure that all materials are filed on time and precisely, and keep an eye out for application deadlines.
After being accepted into the program, take part in orientation sessions to become acquainted with the online learning environment, the format of the courses, the requirements of the program, and the resources that are accessible. Make a note of deadlines, significant dates, and the university's support services.
To improve your resume and obtain real-world experience, look for professional development alternatives including volunteer work, research assistantships, and internships.

Eligibility Criteria of Online MA in Political Science from Andhra University

  • iconAny Bachelor’s Degree
  • iconAny graduate with 50% marks (SC / ST candidates with 45% marks) is eligible.

Fees Structure of Online MA in Political Science from Andhra University

The fee structure for an online MA in Political Science can vary depending on factors such as the institution, program duration



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Career Opportunities After Online MA in Political Science from Andhra University

Political science graduates with an online MA program have a wide range of job options, including government, academia, public policy analysis, international relations, lobbying, and research. Possessing sophisticated analytical abilities and a profound comprehension of political dynamics, they hold crucial positions in creating public policy, swaying public opinion, and promoting constructive social transformation across a range of industries and institutions.

IconPolicy analysis
IconPolitical consultant
IconPublic Relations
IconPolitical Analyst
IconSocial Media Manager
IconAssistant Professor
IconCivil Services
IconBusiness Development Manager
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