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As a renowned institution known for its academic prowess and commitment to excellence, Goa Institute of Management (GIM) has successfully embraced the realm of online education, offering a transformative learning experience that resonates with learners worldwide. Through cutting-edge technology and interactive online platforms, GIM Online programs replicates the vibrant classroom environment. Students engage with expert faculty and industry practitioners in real-time, participate in lively discussions, and collaborate on projects with peers from various backgrounds. This virtual connectivity fosters a sense of community, promoting active learning and knowledge exchange. GIM Online programs are designed to provide practical and relevant skills, preparing students to tackle real-world challenges in their respective domains. With a focus on experiential learning, case studies, and industry projects, GIM ensures that learners gain valuable insights and hands-on experience, empowering them to make a meaningful impact in their careers. The institute’s strong emphasis on student support remains a cornerstone of its online education endeavors. GIM’s dedicated team of online advisors and support staff offers guidance and assistance to students throughout their learning journey, ensuring that they have a seamless and enriching educational experience.

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#33 out of 125 in India 2023
#36 out of 125 in India 2022
#35 out of 100 in India 2021

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  • 2 Years
    Fee Starts 5,10,000 onwards

    Online MBA

    Excel in the management job by developing skills and knowledge. The Global Institute of Management (GIM) Online MBA program is an innovative educational offering designed...

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  • 2 Years
    Fee Starts 1,15,000 onwards

    Online Executive Program in Healthcare Management

    Considering a career in healthcare management? Are you ready to start a successful and exciting career? Looking for a transforming experience for ambitious healthcare leaders?...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GIM Online Active Learning (GOAL) PGDM, and who is it designed for?Icon
GOAL PGDM from Goa Institute of Management is designed for working professionals who are unable to take time off work for a full-time course. It is particularly tailored for individuals seeking career progression.
Who is the GOAL PGDM program ideally suited for?Icon
The program is ideally suited for working executives, entrepreneurs, family business owners, bureaucrats, government officials aiming for a promotion, and professionals who want to earn a rigorous management degree while continuing to work.
What makes GOAL PGDM unique for individuals with a busy professional life?Icon
GOAL PGDM offers a rigorous master's program that allows individuals to continue working while adopting a "learning by doing" approach, providing a dynamic and practical learning experience.
How does the GOAL PGDM program accommodate the schedules of working professionals?Icon
The program is designed to cater to the schedules of working professionals, enabling them to pursue a comprehensive management degree without taking time off from their jobs
What are the key features of the GOAL PGDM program at Goa Institute of Management?Icon
The key features include a focus on active learning, flexibility for working professionals, and a practical "learning by doing" approach, making it an ideal choice for career-driven individuals.
Can entrepreneurs and family business owners benefit from the GOAL PGDM program?Icon
Absolutely. GOAL PGDM is well-suited for entrepreneurs and family business owners, providing them with the opportunity to enhance their managerial skills and contribute to the growth of their enterprises.
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