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Imagine a career in an industry so new it's evolving even as you study. Discover a career where your skills make you a sought after, highly-paid professional leading an industry as it grows. An Online BCA in Data Analytics is where data science, statistics, AI and machine learning meet. Big data and analytics impact every organisation, from technology start-ups to multinational companies. You'll learn to analyse massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, provide insights, and use the data to innovate and create business solutions. You will understand the entire data life cycle, including the phases that define how information is created, gathered, processed, used, and analysed. The unparalleled growth in data-driven technologies has created new career opportunities in health, science, finance, law, astronomy, geology and beyond. This course opens the door to opportunities in smart technologies, like the Internet of Things, smart homes, robotics and deep learning applications. Specialized electives will prepare you for a career in emerging industries including smart technologies and advanced artificial intelligence. You’ll be ideally placed to drive business innovation. This program isn't just about theory; it's about learning practical skills that actually matter. In a world that's changing rapidly, having skills that you can apply immediately.

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Applicants should provide their 10th-grade certificate as evidence of completing 10 years of formal schooling. A 12th-grade certificate is also required, confirming the completion of 12 years of formal schooling.

Career Opportunities

With a BCA in Data Analytics your skills combined with a management foundation will prepare you for employment across a broad range of industries. You will graduate equipped to be a leader and decision-maker, ready to operate at the management level of an organisation.

IconComputer Scientist
IconData Engineer
IconSearch Analyst
IconData Scientist
IconData Administrator
IconOperations Analyst
IconMarketing Analyst
IconQuantitative Analyst

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BCA specialization in data analytics?Icon
The program BCA-Data analytics includes courses like Python Programming, R Programming, SAS, Data Science Tools, Computer Based Optimization Techniques, Machine Learning Theory, Big Data Analytics, Probability Statistics and Techniques, Data Warehouse and Data Mining.
What is the highest salary in BCA data science?Icon
BCA graduates can anticipate a starting salary ranging from INR 5,00,000 to INR 8,20,000 Annually, depending on their specific job role and level of experience. With increasing experience and career advancement, these professionals have the potential to earn salaries reaching INR 15,00,000 to INR 25,00,000 Annually or even higher.
What is BCA data analytics course syllabus?Icon
The data analyst course syllabus includes various topics like Data collection, visualization techniques, statistics, probability algorithms, and algorithms, and much more are covered in the course.
Is BCA data analytics a good career?Icon
Skilled data analysts are some of the most sought-after professionals in the world. Because demand is strong and the supply of people who can do this job well is limited, data analysts command higher-than-average salaries and perks, even at the entry level.
What skills do data analysts need?Icon
7 In-Demand Data Analyst Skills to Get You Hired in upcoming years.  SQL. Structured Query Language, or SQL, is the standard language to communicate with databases. ...  Statistical programming. ...  Machine learning. ...  Probability and statistics. ...  Data management. ...  Statistical visualization. ...  Econometrics.
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