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Start an enriching academic journey with the Online B.A. program, offering a flexible and accessible pathway to higher education. Customised for diverse learners, this program provides a comprehensive exploration of arts and humanities. Engage with a diverse range of subjects, critical thinking, creativity, and cultural understanding. Benefit from ...

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Online B.A.

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5 Universities
Fee Starts 90,000 onwards

B.A. (General)

The Online B.A. General program offers a versatile and comprehensive undergraduate education, conveniently accessible through digital platforms. This program covers a broad spread...

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1 Universities
Fee Starts 50,000 onwards


An Online BA in English encourages you to be analytical and to develop a clear and expressive writing style in a range of...

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3 Universities
Fee Starts 90,000 onwards


The Online B.A. in Journalism is a dynamic program tailored for aspiring storytellers and communicators. Through virtual classrooms and interactive modules, students explore...

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2 Universities
Fee Starts 1,00,000 onwards

Mass Communication

Channel in your multiple talent into a discipline that offers a wide selection of areas to choose from. Mass Communication is one of...

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1 Universities
Fee Starts 52,000 onwards


Online BA in Tamil covers a wide range of scope and future opportunities. Candidates can learn N number of skills in the...

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About Online B.A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for Online B.A. program if I have a non-traditional educational background?Icon
Yes, the Online B.A. program welcomes applicants with diverse educational backgrounds. A high school diploma or equivalent is the primary requirement, and the admissions process considers varied experiences.
Are there financial aid options for the Online B.A. program?Icon
Financial aid options can be available. Prospective students are encouraged to check with the program's financial aid office for specific details and application procedures.
What subjects are covered in the Online B.A. program?Icon
The Online B.A. program covers a variety of subjects in arts and humanities, including literature, history, philosophy, and the arts, fostering a well-rounded education.
Can I specialize in a specific area within the Online B.A. program?Icon
The program provides a broad-based education, but students can have opportunities to explore specific interests through elective courses or concentrations.
Is work experience required for admission in Online B.A. program?Icon
No, work experience is not required. The program values a passion for arts and humanities, welcoming applicants from various backgrounds.
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