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Environmental Sciences degrees teach students about ways to save and preserve nature, and sum up an interdisciplinary field that searches for solutions to environmental problems. Incorporating social and Information Sciences. Drawing on a wide range of science-based disciplines and applications, the Master of Environmental Science gives you a grounding in basic environmental issues. The course seeks to create sought after professionals who have the knowledge and practical skills to manage and solve environmental challenges, from local to global, now and into the future. This degree provides students with skills and experience in environmental science, focusing on project management, occupational health and safety, sustainability, monitoring and reporting. It provides work experience in relevant organisations within the industry, allowing students to gain an understanding of the management of environmental projects. It also focuses on skills for the environmental, engineering, and sustainability professions.

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To qualify, you nееd a sciеncе strеam graduation. Eligibility depends on completing a degree in a relevant discipline.

Career Opportunities

The awareness of environmental issues and increased focus on sustainable development, the Environmental Science career scope has been growing really fast.

IconEnvironmental Educator
IconWildlife Biologist
Icon Chief Environment Officer
IconEnvironmental Engineer
IconEnvironmental Policy Analyst
IconEnvironmental Journalist
IconResearch Assistant
IconScientist in Pollution Control Board
IconForest Carbon Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose MSc of environmental science?Icon
The Msc Environmental Sciences can lead to a successful career includes geology, soil science, geodesy, biology, plant science, oceanography, climatology, chemistry, physics, and information science.
How long is MSc in environmental science?Icon
M.Sc. Environmental Science is a two-year postgraduate programe.
What is the salary of MSc Environmental Science in India?Icon
Average salary for a Environmental Scientist in India earn anything between INR 3,20,000 to INR 8,40,000 varies with companies and experience.
How many subjects are there in M.Sc Environmental Science?Icon
The MSc Environmental Science syllabus is prepared as per UGC guidelines. It is segregated into a total of 4 semesters. Two semesters are included in each year. Around six to eight.
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