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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialization of an online Master of Computer Applications (MCA) programme offers a state-of-the-art curriculum that prepares students for advanced knowledge and abilities at the nexus of computer science and AI technologies. Typically, this specialized programme covers a broad variety of subjects, such as robotics, computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, and ethical issues in the creation and use of AI. The flexibility that comes with pursuing an online MCA in artificial intelligence is one of its main benefits. With the use of online resources, students may manage their studies alongside jobs or other responsibilities by having access to lectures, course materials, and assignments from any location with an internet connection. For working individuals who want to advance their knowledge or move into AI-related professions without having to take a break from their careers, this flexibility is very helpful. A typical online MCA programme in artificial intelligence combines specialized coursework in AI theory and applications with core courses in computer science and programming. Students could be able to work on AI-related projects, create AI-driven apps, or carry out research on cutting-edge AI technology.It upwards, the online Master of Computer Applications programme in Artificial Intelligence provides students with a dynamic learning environment and equips them for promising job prospects in one of the most innovative areas in computer science. This specialized programme equips students with the knowledge, abilities, and real-world experience necessary to succeed in the cutting-edge and rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence, in light of the growing demand for AI specialists.

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Candidate must have completed any undergraduate degree with Mathematics at 10 + 2 level or at graduation level. Candidates must have passed 10 + 2. Candidates must have an aggregate minimum of 50% marks in UG. Students in their final year can apply with the last completed semester results.

Career Opportunities

The curriculum equips graduates to investigate a broad spectrum of career options in the rapidly expanding field of artificial intelligence.

IconAI Engineer
IconMachine Learning Engineer
IconAI Research Scientist
IconAI Consultant
IconAI Project Manager
IconComputer Vision Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal candidate for an online MCA in AI?Icon
Those interested in specializing in AI technologies who have a background or interest in computer science might consider this programme. Aspiring AI researchers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI engineers, and professionals looking to advance their knowledge in AI-related domains will find it suitable.
What advantages come with earning an online Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence?Icon
Gaining specialized knowledge and abilities in AI technologies, the flexibility of online learning, getting hands-on experience through projects and virtual laboratories, and the possibility of extending one's career in areas connected to AI across several sectors are some of the advantages.
What kinds of careers are open to graduates of an online Master of Artificial Intelligence programme?Icon
Graduates can work in the healthcare, finance, manufacturing, automotive, and other industries in professions like AI engineer, machine learning engineer, data scientist, AI researcher, robotics engineer, AI consultant, or AI product manager.
What is the format of an online MCA programme in Artificial Intelligence exams?Icon
Secure online proctoring solutions that keep an eye on students' actions throughout the test to guarantee academic integrity can be used to administer online tests. Exams might also be given in a timed manner using the online learning environment, with safeguards against cheating.
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