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An Online MBA of Data Science will expand your expertise, allowing you to confidently solve complex challenges in science, health, business and beyond. Data science involves extracting knowledge from data you gather using different methodologies.Through a combination of engaging coursework subjects and a comprehensive capstone project experience, you will hone your skills allowing you to adapt to change, innovate, and play a leading role in the future development of data science solutions globally.. The demand for Data Science has been increasing with time. The main reason behind this is the growth of digitization over the years. Today, every company and big advertisers around the world have big heaps of data stored in their database and there is a dire need to analyse this data before it gets lost in the ocean of information. As a data scientist, you take a complex business problem, compile research from it, creating it into data, and then use that data to solve the problem. Data is a vital asset prized by virtually every organisation worldwide.

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A bachelor's degree from a recognized institution. The degree can be in any discipline. Many institutions set a minimum GPA or percentage requirement for admission, but this may vary.

Career Opportunities

Data scientists are among the highest-paid professionals in the technology sector, with varying salaries based on experience, education, location, industry, and company size. A skilled data scientists are in high and rising demand. Data science is one of the fastest growing – and best paid – professions.

Icon• Data Scientist
Icon• business intelligence Analyst
Icon• Data Engineer or Architect
Icon• Data Strategist
Icon• Healthcare Data Manager
Icon• Bioinformatics Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a MBA in Data Science worth it?Icon
An MBA in Data Science is worthwhile for its remarkable mix of technical and managerial skills. It offer you a promising career.
What is the Data Scientist Salary in India? Icon
The average salary for a data scientist in India is approximately INR 7,00,000 to INR 9,00,000 annually. However, this figure varies based on several factors: experience, location, industry, and specific skill sets.
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